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The Role of Nutrition When Training for a Race

Training for a marathon or any long distance race is a demanding and arduous journey that requires dedication, discipline, and careful consideration of your dietary choices. While consistent and appropriate training is crucial, the role of nutrition cannot be underestimated. Certain foods play a pivotal role in helping runners prepare for the race of their lives. Here, we'll explore the importance of these foods and how they can optimize your training.

Top 4 Reasons You Should Take Magnesium as a Runner

Magnesium is a hot topic in the wellness industry this year, and for good reason: It is needed for 80% of the biochemical reactions in your body, but your body doesn’t produce it; magnesium is obtained through diet alone. With studies showing an increase in magnesium deficiency throughout the global population, it’s important to ask yourself if you’re getting enough magnesium – especially if you are an athlete.

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Getting Enough Protein

We’re all great at preparing for our long runs each weekend. We drink loads of water the day/night before, eat bowls of pasta or spuds (or sweeter stuff!). Some of us get up early for our porridge and hit the sack again for another hour before heading out (that would be those without babies/toddlers hanging out of them!).

But we often let our bodies down AFTER our run. Read more here about how Viking runners need to be refuelling after training!

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