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Waterford Viking Marathon recyclable water cartons are back for 2023 thanks to generous sponsor DG Foods

The Waterford Viking Marathon is thrilled to announce the return of recyclable water cartons for this year's event, made possible by the generous sponsorship of DG Foods. As a long-standing supporter of the marathon, DG Foods will once again provide 30,000 specially designed recyclable water cartons and logistics solutions for the runners and walkers participating in the marathon on Sunday, June 25th.

DG Foods takes pride in their commitment to sustainability, and their 87% plant-based and 100% recyclable water cartons align perfectly with the marathon's dedication to environmental responsibility. These bespoke water cartons will ensure that participants can stay hydrated while minimizing the event's impact on the environment.

DG Foods image

Pictured Left to Right - Danielle Griffin WFC Ladies, Martin Dunphy WFC, Christine Hepburn DG foods, Andrew Hepburn DG Foods, Deirdre Houlihan Waterford Viking Marathon Committee, Cathy Prendergast DG foods, Mike Geoghegan WFC Academy and Conor Parsons WFC

Andrew Hepburn, Owner of DG Foods, expressed his delight in continuing to support the Waterford Viking Marathon - “We are delighted once again to support the Waterford Viking Marathon. We have built a long-standing relationship with the marathon and it’s important to us that we give back to the local community”.

As a testament to their dedication, Andrew and several members of the DG Foods team will participate in the Quarter marathon by running and walking alongside other participants.

In addition to DG Foods, the Waterford Viking Marathon is grateful for the support of other valued sponsors, including Sanofi, Teva, WLR, Flahavans, Bausch & Lomb, Waterford City & County Council, House of Waterford Crystal, and Joma. Their contributions play a significant role in ensuring the success and impact of this renowned sporting event.

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Sanofi sponsorship of the 2023 Waterford Viking Marathon aims to bring a notable environmental awareness and sustainability initiatives across the event.

Sanofi are proud to announce its joining of the sponsorship line up for this year’s 11th Waterford Viking Marathon on June 25, as a sustainable event in partnership with their Planet Care team and the Sports and Social Club.

Sanofi sponsorship of this year’s Marathon will help to provide for more sustainable elements to be incorporated into the event. In supporting their ‘Waterford Loves Planet, not Plastic’ campaign, there will be no plastic cups or plastic water bottles given out on the day. Instead, participants will be offered a 100 per cent recyclable water carton made from 83 per cent plant-based materials produced by DG Foods.

Sanofi will sponsor the race-bags used by all participants, which will this year be made from soft polyester RPET, obtained from recycled plastic materials. The information about the bag’s sustainable origins will be available via a QR code on the bag. All lead cars in the race are electric this year, with paperless sign-up and notifications.

Sanofi sponsorship of the Waterford Viking Marathon 2023

Pictured Left to Right Diane Pitard, Siobhan Kennedy, Jennifer Murphy and Mairead O’ Shea.

 Jennifer Murphy – Sanofi planet Care “Waterford loves Planet Not Plastic “Project lead said “We are delighted to support WLR in running the Viking marathon 2023 running this event in a sustainable way to minimise environmental impact aligns with our own Sanofi Planet care initiatives and our “Waterford loves planet not plastic” project. We recognise that every small positive change we make can collectively make a significant Impact against the environmental crisis that we face as a planet”.

Des Whelan, Chairman of Waterford Viking Marathon welcomed the sponsorship and acknowledged that “we are absolutely delighted that Sanofi have come on board with us this year and thrilled with the positive environmental initiatives that they have taken onboard which will only assist to a wonderful event.”

Other sponsors include, DG Foods, Teva, WLR, Flahavans, Waterford City & County Council, House of Waterford Crystal, Joma, & Bausch & Lomb.

If you haven’t already registered for the Waterford Viking Marathon you can book your place today.


Top 4 Reasons You Should Take Magnesium as a Runner

Magnesium is a hot topic in the wellness industry this year, and for good reason: It is needed for 80% of the biochemical reactions in your body, but your body doesn’t produce it; magnesium is obtained through diet alone. With studies showing an increase in magnesium deficiency throughout the global population, it’s important to ask yourself if you’re getting enough magnesium – especially if you are an athlete.

MAG365 BF 1

Here are 4 reasons you will want to consider supplementing with magnesium if you’re an athlete or highly active individual:

1.Magnesium is key for electrolyte balance.
Not only do stress and physical activity use up your magnesium stores, you lose magnesium when you sweat. Many people believe that low potassium is responsible for heat stroke and muscle cramps, but that’s only part of it: One of magnesium’s roles is to regulate the sodium/potassium pump. Without adequate magnesium, potassium may be unable to enter the cells, resulting in electrolyte deficiency.

2.Magnesium is essential for ATP production.
The ATP molecule (adenosine tri-phosphate) is the fundamental unit of energy for all human cells. Without sufficient magnesium, the mitochondria inside the cell is unable to metabolize nutrients into functional units of energy. This is because in order for ATP to be biologically active, it must be bound to a magnesium ion, known as MgATP. Without proper MgATP energy production, the nerves, muscles, and cells cannot function properly.

3.Magnesium can improve recovery.
Studies suggest low magnesium levels may impair muscle recovery post-exercise. One notable study found that oral magnesium supplementation significantly reduced both resting and post-exercise blood pressure, making magnesium a great addition to your post-exercise regimen.

4.Magnesium promotes restorative sleep.
The body burns through more magnesium during times of physical stress (such as intense exercise), which can lead to low magnesium status in the body. This often results in poor-quality sleep, as magnesium affects sleep in a few ways:

Magnesium plays a significant role in reducing muscle tension and nerve stimulation. Adequate magnesium intake helps the body to relax, allowing for a deep, restful sleep.

Magnesium also binds to gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptors in the brain. GABA is the neurotransmitter responsible for quieting down nerve activity — and it’s the same neurotransmitter receptor often targeted by prescription sleep drugs.MAG365_BF_2.png

Not all magnesium supplements are created equal, and not all will offer the same benefit. MAG365 BF is an ionic magnesium citrate powder that is easy for the body to absorb and utilize. It is ionized as soon as it is added to hot water, maximizing its bioavailability and making it easier to experience the many benefits of magnesium. Here’s where ‘great’ gets better: MAG365 BF also contains nutrient cofactors that work synergistically to promote energy and exercise recovery, including potassium, zinc, boron, and vitamins B6, C, D3 & K2.

News Item by ITL Health

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If you haven’t already registered for the Waterford Viking Marathon you can book your place today.



Bausch + Lomb leads the way in social responsibility by becoming a sponsor of Waterford Viking Marathon 2023

The Waterford facility of Bausch + Lomb, the global leader in eye health, has announced its intention to join the sponsorship line up for Waterford Viking Marathon 2023, set to take place on June 25th, demonstrating their commitment to social responsibility.

Speaking at the launch event Rachel Northover, Head of HR Bausch + Lomb, announced that it will pay 70% of the registration fees for its employees who participate in the event, in line with the company's CSR strategy and sustainability values. The company encourages its employees to promote well-being and community spirit by taking part in the marathon.

Bausch Lomb 2023

Rachel believes that “supporting community events is important for local companies, as it provides a platform to showcase their commitment to the community and social responsibility. The Waterford Viking Marathon is a wonderful opportunity to bring the community together and promote a healthy and active lifestyle”.

Bausch Lomb 2023 1

Des Whelan, Chairman of Waterford Viking Marathon welcomed Bausch and Lomb to the sponsor line up for the event saying “We are thrilled to have the support of Bausch & Lomb for our flagship Marathon in the South East. The event offers a great opportunity for people to embrace a healthy lifestyle whilst also supporting charities of their choice.”

Bausch Lomb 2023 2

Other sponsors include, DG Foods, Teva, WLR, Waterford City & County Council

House of Waterford Crystal, Joma, Bausch & Lomb & Sanofi.

If you haven’t already registered for the Waterford Viking Marathon you can book your place today.



Presentation Make a Wish

Thanks to all of those who took part and donated through our registration in 2022, the WVM and WLR FM team were delighted to present a cheque for €3,413 to our 2022 charity partner, Make-A-Wish Ireland.
Make-A-Wish Ireland is a children’s charity that aims to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to give hope, strength and joy. We hope this donation will assist them in the great work they undertake in the Southeast and indeed nationwide.
 presentation Make a Wish

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