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Top 4 Reasons You Should Take Magnesium as a Runner

Magnesium is a hot topic in the wellness industry this year, and for good reason: It is needed for 80% of the biochemical reactions in your body, but your body doesn’t produce it; magnesium is obtained through diet alone. With studies showing an increase in magnesium deficiency throughout the global population, it’s important to ask yourself if you’re getting enough magnesium – especially if you are an athlete.

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Here are 4 reasons you will want to consider supplementing with magnesium if you’re an athlete or highly active individual:

1.Magnesium is key for electrolyte balance.
Not only do stress and physical activity use up your magnesium stores, you lose magnesium when you sweat. Many people believe that low potassium is responsible for heat stroke and muscle cramps, but that’s only part of it: One of magnesium’s roles is to regulate the sodium/potassium pump. Without adequate magnesium, potassium may be unable to enter the cells, resulting in electrolyte deficiency.

2.Magnesium is essential for ATP production.
The ATP molecule (adenosine tri-phosphate) is the fundamental unit of energy for all human cells. Without sufficient magnesium, the mitochondria inside the cell is unable to metabolize nutrients into functional units of energy. This is because in order for ATP to be biologically active, it must be bound to a magnesium ion, known as MgATP. Without proper MgATP energy production, the nerves, muscles, and cells cannot function properly.

3.Magnesium can improve recovery.
Studies suggest low magnesium levels may impair muscle recovery post-exercise. One notable study found that oral magnesium supplementation significantly reduced both resting and post-exercise blood pressure, making magnesium a great addition to your post-exercise regimen.

4.Magnesium promotes restorative sleep.
The body burns through more magnesium during times of physical stress (such as intense exercise), which can lead to low magnesium status in the body. This often results in poor-quality sleep, as magnesium affects sleep in a few ways:

Magnesium plays a significant role in reducing muscle tension and nerve stimulation. Adequate magnesium intake helps the body to relax, allowing for a deep, restful sleep.

Magnesium also binds to gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptors in the brain. GABA is the neurotransmitter responsible for quieting down nerve activity — and it’s the same neurotransmitter receptor often targeted by prescription sleep drugs.MAG365_BF_2.png

Not all magnesium supplements are created equal, and not all will offer the same benefit. MAG365 BF is an ionic magnesium citrate powder that is easy for the body to absorb and utilize. It is ionized as soon as it is added to hot water, maximizing its bioavailability and making it easier to experience the many benefits of magnesium. Here’s where ‘great’ gets better: MAG365 BF also contains nutrient cofactors that work synergistically to promote energy and exercise recovery, including potassium, zinc, boron, and vitamins B6, C, D3 & K2.

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