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Saturday @9:00 a.m 24 June 2017


Crossing that finish line can be the best feeling in the world but sometimes getting there has its challenges…. So, we decided to hold our annual "Six Weeks to Go" Seminar, hosted by Whitfield Clinic, on May 12th to help get you through any challenges you have been facing or that may lie ahead in the build up to the 2016 Waterford Viking Marathon.

Runners from all catergories - the full, half, quarter and our new relay race - joined us for a hugely interesting and informative night with great tips from experts from Waterford Institute of Technology and Whitfield Clinic.

Our very own Adele Walsh was an enthusiastic host as she welcomed all of our speakers to the stage. Whitfield Clinic's own expert Physiotherapists Shane Walsh and Derek O Neill kicked off the talk with hints and tips as to how you can minimise the risk of injury in these final few weeks preparing for the big day, the day itself and of course post race recovery. Top tip! Upon nearing water stations, slow to a walk. Relax! It will not affect your overall time. In fact, our experts recommended taking that time to slow to a walk, actually drink your water instead of getting it down your top or all over your face. Then get back into race mode, it will be beneficial to your body and your time.

Next up we had WIT’s postgraduate researcher in the area of sports nutrition, Fionn McSwiney who advised us on general nutrition and dietary requirements for runners as well as all important hydration. If you've been following Fionn on Facebook recently, you will have seen how changes to his own food intake for research purposes have impacted his life/training. (Check out the video of his static jump of 120cm!)

Top Tip! If you have been using energy drinks, gels, fizzy drinks etc during your training, use them on race day. Don't change up your food/hydration plan on race day as it won't end well! If all along you've been having porridge for breakfast before you train, have it on race day.

Finally we had Dr. Ciara Losty, also from Waterford Institute of Technology, who discussed the psychological factors affecting your performance and preparing your mind for the day of the run.

Top Tip! Ciara reminded us to keep our mind busy while racing. Play a game in your head for each leg of the race - count all the orange shoes you see or look at how beautiful your surroundings are. Don't let your mind wander to negativity such as solving a work issue or thinking about something that needs to be done in your house. Keep focused, positive and motivated.

With a great turnout and fantastic advice from our experts, it was definitely a worthwhile night for all runners!

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