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Hatha Yoga - Post Marathon Stretches

As we are all aware stretching after a run especially a marathon when the muscles are warm and soft helps reduce risk of injury and allows you to feel better the following day. For this reason three teachers of Hatha Yoga( all teachers at My Yoga Studio) were available on Saturday last to assist runners after the Viking Marathon.

Stretches help increase the length of muscle fibers. A matching expansion of the connective tissue within and around the muscle is also needed, including the fascia This is what happens during periods of prolonged stretching. The connective tissue gradually follows the lead of the muscle fibers, the muscle as a whole gets longer, and flexibility is improved.

Declan Walshe talks to Waterford Viking Marathon

Declan Walshe is the epitome of many marathon runners of our generation. He played club hurling and football to minor level but after that, in his own words, ran only to get out of the rain. Once he decided to give up smoking after many years, his weight started to go up and up as he replaced the smokes with chocolate and Doritos.?Then, 2 years ago, the big 4-0 hit and he realised that, at 14stone, he needed to do something about his weight before it became a real health issue for him.

Waterford Viking Marathon : What did you decide was the best way to lose the weight Declan?

DW: I live in the country, I work from home, so the easiest, cheapest way to lose weight was to just hit the road and go walking. After a few weeks, I got bored, plateaued and started to pick up the pace a bit with some jogging. I listen to geeky podcasts like Science Friday or Future Proof to distract me.

WVM: So, you were running at this stage, but always on your own?

DW: Yes, I always just ran on my own, until Parkrun came to Kilkenny. I missed the first week of it in the Castle Park, but went along the 2nd week in October 2014 and got totally hooked. I’d been running on my own since about January, so this opened up a whole new world in one sense. Working from home, living in the country, my circle of friends was restricted to locals and family. Running or volunteering each week at the Parkrun meant I met loads of other people. By Christmas I had dozens of new ‘friends’ on Facebook!!

WVM: Any races at this stage??

DW: No, but I made the decision heading into 2015, that it would be my year for half marathons, so I signed up for the Mount Juliet half in February 2015. In hindsight, a hilly first event to do, but at least anything after it should be easier! My longest run prior to MJ was 20k, so I had almost completed the full half marathon distance in training. I was very nervous on the day. I purposely didn’t drive the course beforehand so that I wouldn’t psyche myself out even more! I found the 2 loops difficult mentally and twisted my ankle on s stone with about a mile to go. I hobbled that last mile with loads of encouragement from other runners and finished in 1.45. ??WVM: 1.45 is a very respectable time indeed for a first half marathon! Had you been doing any speedwork aside from the weekend Park runs?

DW: Not at that stage, all my training was on my own, which wasn’t ideal. I joined Kilkenny’s Fit For Life crew in September last year. They do twice weekly speed sessions on the track. Tuesdays are short and sharp, while Thursdays are a bit longer, more like tempo intervals. These 2 sessions have brought me on significantly. I still do all my long runs on my own however, I find it difficult to match paces exactly with others and quite enjoy my podcasts!

Joining us from...

This year the Waterford Viking Marathon team got some very exciting and unusual news. Joining us for the 2016 Viking Marathon on June 25th are some very special runners travelling all the way from Japan!

Is your mind your biggest asset or your worst enemy for the Waterford Viking Marathon?

Is your mind your biggest asset or your worst enemy for the Waterford Viking Marathon?

For 2016, Waterford Viking Marathon has teamed up with the Department of Health, Sport & Exercise Science in the Waterford Institute of Technology to provide expert training information in the run up to the event. This week, performance psychologist Ciara Losty talks us through mental preparation for running your race.

Running a marathon is not simply down to physical conditioning: the thoughts that run through your mind can affect the way you feel during running. It is normal for athletes to plan their race strategy in great detail, but how many of you plan what you are going to think about during training or competition? The nature and quality of your thoughts can make the difference between winning and losing, enjoying or hating your training, and may impact on your decision to stick with a training programme.

The first step towards becoming more organised and purposeful in your thinking is to become more aware of them. Starting point - next time you go training try to become more aware of what you are thinking about and write it down afterwards.

Thought Control Strategies

Two very different thought control strategies are commonly used by elite runners:

1) Association

  • Association involves focusing on bodily sensations and monitoring any changes – usually internal – that occur.
  • Breathing rate and muscular sensations provide physiological cues that allow you to pace yourself with a view to avoiding or minimising pain.
  • Association involves entering a more concentrated state when you can react to changes within your body, such as slowing your pace if your breathing rate increases.
  • Focusing on internal states like rhythmical breathing can help you feel more relaxed during physical activity.

WIT to bring BAGS more to the Waterford Viking Marathon 2016

Waterford Institute of Technology will partner with WLRfm Waterford Viking Marathon for this year’s race happening on June 25th. WIT are sponsoring the much sought after goody bag for the event as well as providing expert training advice and information for runners, from the wonderful Department of Health, Sport & Exercise Science, in the lead up to the event through the WIT website, the department’s blog and social media pages. WIT is fully supportive of this year’s event and many staff and students are training to take part in the Full, Half, Quarter and Relay marathon.

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