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Runners Info 2018

  1. Registration
  2. Race Bibs
  3. Start Times & Start Lines
  4. Parking And Transport To The Start
  5. Corporate Teams
  6. Bag Drop
  7. Timing
  8. Pacers
  9. Course Time Limit
  10. Traffic
  11. Changing Facilities/ Showers
  12. Toilets
  13. Water Stations/ Energy Drinks And Gels
  14. The Route / Distance Markers
  15. Split Zones
  16. Medal & Goodie Bag
  17. Charities
  18. Walking
  19. Dropping Out
  20. The Finish
  21. Spectators
  22. Event Day
  23. Participant Safety
  24. Course Monitoring
  25. Amendments / Reservations / Acknowledgements
  26. Virtual Run


You will already have registered through the Waterford Viking Marathon website but collection of your registration pack and T-Shirt will take place at WIT Arena which is located in WIT West Campus, Carriganore, see here on Thursday June 28th 12pm to 6pm and Friday June 29th from 12pm to 9pm. While preferring you to collect your pack in person, we recognise that in some cases this may be impossible. You can nominate someone to collect your number for you. They will require your name and date of birth and the event you are taking part in.

If you elected to have your bib number posted out when you registered online, then you should have received it or will shortly receive it by post. (If you haven’t received it by June 27th please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will make arrangements.) You will then be able to pick up your Goodie Bag and T-shirt after the race in the WIT Arena on the day- just make sure you have your bib number with you or you won’t be able to collect it!


Please take care of your running number. Do not tamper with your number in any way; note that duplicate numbers cannot be issued under any circumstances.

Each full, half-marathon, quarter participant will wear a chipped bib number;

The Marathon bibs have a RED stipe.

The Half Marathon has a BLUE stripe.

The Quarter numbers have a YELLOW stripe.

All participants must wear their bib on the front of their shirt.

We advise you write your name, next of kin contact information and details of any health problems or medication on the reverse of the race number.


The Full Marathon, Half Marathon and Quarter Marathon will start at 9am sharp on the Mall in Waterford City. For Walkers start time see below No. 18.

We advise all participants to be there in plenty of time.

There will be corrals for each pace time section, identifiable by signs and balloon either side of the starting area.

For safety and comfort, walkers in particular are advised to start towards the back of the race.


This year, the designated race car park will be located on the Carrickpherish Road (close to West Pharma) and will be open from 7am. This is the ONLY Offical Race Parking facility. There will be toilets on site. The car pack can be accessed most easily from the N25, whether coming from a Northern or Western direction. See Map below.

Bus detail for Park and Ride and finish

Shuttle buses will run from this carpark to the start line from 7.30 am. Buses will leave as soon as they are at capacity.

Please note however, that the last bus guaranteed to have you at the start line on time, will leave at 8.20am.

The buses will drop participants to the back of the Tower Hotel in Waterford City which is approx 300metres from the start line. Spectators/friends/family can avail of this shuttle back to the Car Park if required from the same location from between 7.45am and 8.30am.

Bus detail for start

If spectators wish to see the start and then travel to the finish, they can avail of a shuttle bus that will leave from Railway Square at 9.20am. The bus stop here is alongside the children's play train. See map above for detail. 
After the race, there will be a shuttle from the WIT Arena, close to the entrance roundabout, directly to the Park and Ride Car Park. This is a distance of just under 1 mile, so is also walkable for anyone that needs a warm down!! If required, this bus can shuttle people back into the city!
Bus detail for post race pickup

5. Corporate TEAMS

This year’s Team Challenge is open to a team of four colleagues who wish to take part in the WVM Corporate Challenge. This is open to gender combination of 2 men and 2 women. The team with the fastest combined time will be deemed winners of the Corporate Cup and team prize.


There will be a bag drop facility in place close to the Start Line in Bolton Street Car Park , Waterford City.

If you wish to avail of this facility please ensure you write your Race Number in permanent black ink in the box provided on the bag. A member of the bag drop team will be available at bib picks ups in WIT Arena to assist you with this before the event.

While we prefer you use the WVM Goodie Bag we will accept any bag and the bag crew will tag your bag with your bib number.

The Bag Drop staff will take your kit bag before the race and will transport it to the WIT Arena finish line event.

When retrieving your bag please have your race bib number with you in order to collect. Only one bag can be collected by a participant except in the case of the Team Event.

We strongly recommend that you leave your valuables at home!

Waterford Viking Marathon is not responsible for lost or stolen property, including any and all property checked at the Bag Drop.


Waterford Viking Marathon accurately times runners/ teams by means of a chip on each bib provided by ‘My Run’.

When you cross the start line you will run past a time gantry which will register your time as you pass. There is another time gantry at half way and one again at the Finish. Official results will be based on your gun time that is the time from when the gun sounds to when you cross the finish line. Your chip time will also be recorded exactly, this being the elapsed time taken by each runner between the Start line and Finish Line. There will be no split times taken. Your chipped number will be issued to you at Registration. You must wear it to get an official finishing time. If you do not wear your chipped number, the system will not record you finishing and therefore will be unable to provide you with a finishing time.


Pacers will be provided for the following timing slots:

Marathon Pacers: 3.00, 3.15, 3.30, 3.45, 4.00, 4.15, 4.30

Half Marathon Pacers: 1:25, 1.30, 1.40, 1.50, 2.00, 2.10

Quarter Marathon Pacers: 50mins, 1:00, 1.10

All our pacers are very experienced and most have paced many marathons or half marathons in the past. We hope to have some of them available to answer any questions you may have at registration nights before the race. Keep an eye on facebook and the website for further details.

Watch out for the team on the day in their bright ‘PACER’ branded vests sporting their pacing balloons!

Please note: Official WVM Cyclists will follow our lead runners– however, unofficial cyclists following individual runners are not permitted on the course for safety reasons as well as fairness to other competitors.


The course time limit is 6 hours for the marathon and 4 hours for the half marathon. After that, the Gardaí will ask you to move onto the footpaths and to obey the rules of the road but the finish line will stay in place for the last athlete.

If it is much beyond this time limit organisers reserve the right to remove runners from the course.


All competitors should note that while some of the course is closed to traffic, there will be traffic on many roads: see the traffic restrictions on our website. Though some roads are officially closed to traffic, please remember that essential traffic will be guided through the course by the Gardaí and that there is always the possibility of traffic straying onto the course inadvertently.

Note: We ask all runners to refrain from wearing headphones for safety reasons. Race vehicles and ambulances must use the course, and must be able to alert participants of their presence.


There are shower facilities available at the finish in the WIT Arena. If it is a warm day, please use the shower units to cool down.


There will be portable toilets at the start area near The Mall and at other locations along the route. There will also be toilet facilities available at the finish line in the WIT Arena.


Bottled water will be available at c.10 water stations along the route and at the finish line (c. every 2 miles).

The Water is plastic 250ml sports cap bottles. Energizer will be available at 4 drinks station along the full and half route. High 5 IsoGel orange flavour will also be available.

Please discard your bottles and cups in the bins provided or to the side of the road – do not drop them on the road in front of you where they can be hazardous to runners behind you.

A Drinks Station requires an adequate stretch of straight road to be set out effectively, so not all stations are immediately adjacent to mile markers. Each station will be clearly signed. Do not rush for the first table; tables will be spaced out.


For a map and full description of the Route see the website

Route markers will be in miles.


There are a number of split zones along the route where full, half and quarter runners will be separated. We have plans in place which include signage, loud hailers and barriers to try to ensure runners will be guided along the relevant route. However, it is extremely important that you familiarise yourself with the route maps beforehand to be as prepared as possible and watch for these signs and listen to stewards as they guide you through the route splits.


Everyone who completes the full, half and quarter marathon will receive an official Waterford Viking Marathon Medal. The Goodie Bag will be distributed at registration pick up as well as the Tech T-Shirt.

If however, you elected to have your bib number posted out when you registered online then you will receive this by post about two weeks prior to the event. You will then be able to pick up your Goodie Bag and T-shirt after the race in the WIT Arena on the day….just make sure you have your bib number with you or you won’t be able to collect it!


While participants are welcome to take part and raise funds for any charity of their choice; the charity chosen as beneficiary of the Waterford Viking Marathon 2018 is the RNLI .


Full Marathon walkers will commence at 9am with all other runners this year – this is due to the time limit we have available on the Toll bridge. All walkers must be beyond the Toll Bridge by 11am after which time we must remove walkers as the road will be re-opened to road traffic.

Slow walkers only can begin at 8am at the latest as the bridge will only be ready at 9am but Traffic Management will be in place well before this.

Please note that only those with numbers will be allowed onto the bridge.

The only place runners will need to be very careful is along the quays and crossing Rice Bridge. Normal rules of the road will apply here before 9am.

Note the course limit is 6 hours which means that after 3PM the race will be officially finished and some areas of the route may even be closed for access.

Walkers should always move over to the side of road to allow runners to overtake. It is both frustrating and tiring for those who are still able to run to have to dodge around people who are walking. Please show consideration to your fellow competitors and walk at the side of the road. Please endeavour to walk in single file, not in groups, to give more room for faster runners to pass.


There will be a sweep up vehicle which will follow the tail enders around the course. If you have to drop out you should make your way to the nearest official steward and they will make contact with the relevant personnel depending on your requirements.


The finish line is in WIT Arena, Carriganore. As you cross the finish line try to keep moving. Foil blankets will be available and there will be a Physio Treatment Area in the Main Hall, if you require a massage.

Water and bananas will be available to all runners and other refreshments will be available to purchase if required. A Medical Team will be on hand for anyone requiring medical assistance.


Spectators are welcome, however, if you have family and friends coming to support you please ensure they are aware of all the traffic and parking restrictions along the route.


Participants must follow instructions as given from all event officials including race staff, stewards, medical personnel, security officers and council officials throughout the duration of the event.

All participants are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner during their participation in the event. This means, for example, that urinating or defecating anywhere on or near the course shall be strictly prohibited except in toilet facilities. Anyone violating this rule of conduct shall be disqualified from the event and will be asked to leave the course.

Baby joggers, baby strollers, skateboards, Nordic sticks, rollerblades, unauthorised bicycles or any other wheeled device will not be permitted on the course.


Participants are responsible for their recognition and understanding of event signage, symbols and colour relating to participant maps, facilities and direction.

Medical personnel authorised by the event to do so may examine any participant who appears in distress. If in the sole opinion of authorised medical personnel it is in the best interest of the participant's health and welfare, medical personnel may remove the participant from the event.

Participants must retire at once from the race if ordered to do so by a member of the event’s official staff, official medical staff, or any governmental authority, including fire and police officers.

Participants are responsible and assume liability for any and all medical expenses incurred as a result of training for and/or participation in the event, including but not limited to ambulance transport, hospital stays, physician and pharmaceutical goods and services.

Event officials reserve the right to delay, cancel, or suspend the race due to inclement weather in accordance with Emergency Protocol. No refund will be issued in these circumstances.


Any participant who refuses to obey the directions of the event official, city official or course marshal, or who conducts himself/herself in an unsportsmanlike manner, or who is offensive by action or language to officials, stewards, participants or spectators may be disqualified from the event and banned from future participation in the Waterford Viking Marathon, at the discretion of race officials.

Any participant who has been found by a course stewards, event official or surveillance equipment to have gained an unfair advantage by intentionally shortening the route of the race ("cutting the course") shall be immediately disqualified from the event and banned from future participation at the discretion of race officials.

Any person who participates in the event without a current official event bib number or timing device or a bib or chip not officially assigned to him/her is subject to removal and disqualification from future events.

No persons are authorised to be on the course unless they are registered participants. Therefore, no person shall be allowed to accompany a participant if he/she is not registered in the event, nor shall any participant be allowed, without the permission of the event management, to receive assistance or refreshment from anyone during the progress of the event. Any person not properly displaying an authorised and issued bib number shall be directed to leave the course.

A hands-on medical examination during the progress of an event by officially designated medical personnel shall not be considered assistance and will not result in disqualification if a participant is deemed medically fit. If a participant becomes ill during or after the Event and/or receive medical attention or treatment either from event medical staff, Ambulance Service or any doctor or hospital, they must authorise such persons to provide details (including details of medical treatment) to the Medical Director of the Waterford Viking Marathon or others authorised by him/her.


Event officials reserve the right, to modify, supplement or waive all or part of the event rules.

Participants shall be bound by any modification or supplement of the event rules published prior to the event.

Failure to follow these event rules, as may be amended, will result in immediate disqualification, loss of prizes and removal from official results.

The Waterford Viking Marathon follows, and participants are subject to, the rules specified by the Athletics Ireland and IAAF.

Entry fee will not be refunded under any circumstance. Entry will be deferred to 2019 if a valid medical cert is provided.


The Waterford Viking Marathon 2018 welcomes runners to run this year’s race virtually. Runners can participate from anywhere in the world and will still receive a Waterford Viking Marathon t-shirt and medal. Register for your preferred distance here as normal.

Virtual race runners must complete their chosen event and submit proof before July 10th. Email a screenshot or picture of your time/distance from your watch/Garmin and your order number to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

On receipt of this information, we will post a cert, medal and t-shirt to virtual participants. You should receive your pack within 2 weeks of receipt of the above.

Please Note: Virtual runners cannot qualify to win a prize on the day of the event



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